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Retreat with the Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Yawarani Family - the Wise Elders Yawanawa

T.I. Yawanawa - Acre - Amazônia - Brasil





Grandfathers and Grandmothers of the Yawarani Family
- The Yawanawa Elders



In 2020 and 2021, a deep immersion in the Yawanawa Culture and Spirituality took place for the first time in the city of Rio Branco/Acre, an in-depth study with the Grandparents of the Yawarani Family.


The Yawanawa Elders traveled from the village to the capital, to share their ancestral tradition with us, and to receive visitors who came from other states of Brazil and even from other countries. This unique opportunity took place in the rural region of the capital of Acre because we were in a period of isolation for the Indigenous Communities due to the pandemic.


With great joy, we share that in November 2023, we will hold this special meeting again, but for the first time, it will be held in Aldeia Yawarani, in the original way in which this retreat was conceived and planned in 2019, before the pandemic began.








During our stay in the Community, we will experience different cultural and spiritual elements of the Yawanawa Culture and Tradition, and each day we will have activities interspersed with periods of rest.


During the 6 days and 7 nights in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, all the activities listed below will be carried out, and the day-to-day program will be presented in the village, according to general demands, mainly the environmental and climatic conditions of the weather.



Our General Schedule:


- Body painting

- Ceremonies of Uni and Rume

(Ayahuasca and Rapé)

- Walk in the Forest

- Rapé Circle

- Storytelling

- Cleaning Medicines

- Traditional Games

- Herbal Bath

- Clay bath

- Hosting for tent and hammock

- Traditional and regional food 3 times a day




We are in the Western Amazon, in the triple border region between Brazil, Peru and Bolivia, in Acre - the State that fought to be Brazilian.


The reception for our travel group is in the city of Rio Branco, at Plácido de Castro International Airport. And it is here, in the city of the last sunset in Brazil, where our journey to the indigenous communities of the region begins.


Our way of traveling within the State of Acre will depend on the exact location of our destination, but it will happen mainly by land and river, and can also be by air, either by air taxi or even by helicopter. In the case of Aldeia Yawarani, access will be via land and river.


In none of our packages is airfare included from the city of origin to Acre, only transport within the state, organized by an External Logistics package which is optional, because we can also guide your arrival and return by bus to the Vila São Vicente, where the river boarding takes place.



Travel Itinerary

External Logistics: November 19 to 30, 2023


11/19/23 - Sunday

- Arrival in Rio Branco/AC (Option 01)

- Transfer and Hotel in Rio Branco/AC (Option 01)


11/20/23 - Monday

- Arrival in Rio Branco/AC (Option 02)

- Land RBR-Tarauacá (Option 01 and 02)

- Hotel in Tarauaca (Option 01 and 02)


11/21/23 - Tuesday

- Land TAR-VILA (Option 01 and 02)

- Boat to the Village (Option 01 and 02)




November 22 to 27, 2023



11/28/23 - Tuesday

- Boat back from the village (Option 01 and 02)

- Land to Tarauaca (Option 01)

- Hotel in Tarauaca (Option 01)

- Land to Rio Branco (Option 02)

- Hotel in Rio Branco (Option 02)


11/29/2023 - Wednesday

- Flight from Rio Branco (Option 02)

- Land to Rio Branco (Option 01)

- Hotel in Rio Branco (Option 01)


11/30/23 - Thursday

- Flight from Rio Branco (Option 01)



The Amazon is a sacred temple of Nature, and the Native Peoples are legitimate guardians of the knowledge and wisdom of the green forests, inhabiting this territory since immemorial times.
The descendants of our ancestors live here, and they still use oral tradition to transmit the necessary information to live in the forest in balance with Nature, within the experience of language, culture and age-old tradition.
During our meeting in partnership with the Yawarani and Amparo Villages via and @retiro.yawanawa, we will have the blessing of experiencing some of these deep links that connect the Yawanawá People to the Amazon, through material life and spirituality,  since forever and forevermore.
This is our real investment in participating in this study group with the Grandparents of the Yawarani Family, the Elders of the Yawanawá People, welcome to all who feel this call!
Here is a summary of WHAT'S INCLUDED in your self-investment:

1) Complete Retreat Schedule 
- Body painting of jeninpapo and urucum
- Herbal Baths
- Clay Bath
- Walks in the Forest: to collect medicinal plants from the bath and application of natural Sananga
- 3 Kapum applications, with specific Yawanawa diet
- 3 UNI and RUME Ceremonies (Ayahuaska and Rapé)
- 1 day of Traditional Games
- Various Singing circles with Yawanawa Youth daily
- Yawanawa Cosmovision Circles:
.  History about the Origin of the Yawanawa People
.  History of Rume and application (Rapé);
.  History of Medicinal Plants, Power Plants and Yawanawa Diets
.  Kapum's History
.  Studies of types of Traditional Chants;

2) Accommodation and Food 
- 3 daily meals - Regional and Traditional Cuisine (RETIRO)
- Collective accommodation in HAMMOCK / MOSQUITO NET or CAMPING TENT, with covered area tent and tiled floor (None of these items are included in the package)

3) Terrestrial Logistics - VAN 
- Airport Transfer - Retreat
- Transfer Retiro - Airport






Request your DOCUMENTATION and READ CAREFULLY, in the same document are:


- ONLINE Registration Form

- Medical Information

- 2020 COVID-19 Security Protocol

- General Regulation

- Statement of responsibility